Come Home is our latest feature film, which is currently in pre-production.


No-one noticed him, until everyone noticed him.


A naive loner discovers a young woman's abusive home life and decides to rescue her, but is soon dragged into a desperate and brutal war with her criminal family.

The Film

Come Home isn't a 'realist' socially conscious film set in the grim North, it's a revenge drama, a western, an almost fable like story set among the small towns, hills and crags of rural West Yorkshire. 

The film will be stylised, perhaps even slightly heightened. We want to bring a wide cinematic feel to the towns and the moors, not the traditional 'grim up North' kitchen sink feel which is how the North of England constantly gets made to look in films and TV. Having grown up in the local area, the writer and Director Richard Higson wants to celebrate the area, not to use it to denote poverty or working class simplicity that like it so often is. 

Come Home is an engaging, quick moving and witty thriller with real depth and emotion.

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